Indoor trampoline park Demo Days HAJUMP

Indoor trampoline park DEMO DAYS HAJUMP

Indoor trampoline park DEMO DAYS HAJUMP, you need to be there to see our perfect finished product and our high quality trampoline frames.

Open an indoor trampoline park?

For design and the manufacture of your trampoline park our professional team is experienced, we manufacture trampolines since 14 years.
Our outdoor and indoor trampoline manufacture for leisure parks, indoor play area, school or collectivities… HAJUMP trampolines are each time a high quality product.
We help our customers from start to finish and beyond.
We are also proud to tell that all materials are EU products and manufacture is done in Belgium.

HAJUMP is a leading innovator of indoor trampoline park design and manufacturing.
We build custom indoor jump arenas for those wanting to start a business in this high growth sector of family entertainment.

If you want to start your own business and you’re looking into opening a indoor trampoline park HAJUMP will be involved from the basic design over manufacture till installation on site and beyond.
Note that HAJUMP trampolines for your indoor trampoline park will always be the best choice, you can choose colors, design, printing…

Why HAJUMP trampolines for you indoor trampoline park?

With our brand, knowhow and high quality products your indoor trampoline zone will be loved by all of your visitors.
We, HAJUMP trampoline park builders can provide you also the basic financial plan and the different possibilities how to use the installation of your park.
Not only jumping but fitness, dodgeball, volleyball, disco jumping, aerobics are sports that can be exercised on trampoline.
Zumba dance? On our HAJUMP indoor trampolines it can!

Feel free to contact us!

We offer you a overall footprint drawing and a quote.
We know that a indoor trampoline park or indoor trampoline zone is a serious investment.
That is why we want to calculate with you, following the volume of your indoor trampoline park, the income.
Calculate the income is the most important item in your financial planning!

HAJUMP indoor trampoline park installation

HAJUMP trampolines is not a new brand but for indoor trampoline park installations we re-designed our existing models.
Calculation of the steel frame : our entire frame is made with  steel 80/80/4, heavy construction but durable and super strong!
We provide for each project the new designs, we don’t offer a basic design with a approximate price…
So on the first contact you can send us the CAD plan of the area and give us a indication of the trampoline models you want to install.
From there on we will  provide you a overall footprint + cost.
Later on we will discuss with you and adapt the design where needed.

Contact us for a 100% EU made product: HAJUMP indoor trampoline park structures.