Open your trampolinepark in Middle East?

Open your Indoor trampoline park in Middle East?

Innovative for all sports in your area :  Our indoor trampolinepark installations !
For indoor sport centres in your country our trampoline park manufacture is the best you can find on the market !
Indoor trampolinepark seems like an overnight sensation. All of a sudden from their beginning on indoor trampoline parks popping up everywhere. These centers feature a large grid of trampolines (10,000+ SF) with thick layers of padding covering the metal support structure for predominately children’s open jumping sessions.

In entertainment business centres this item is really innovative.
However, this installation cannot bu used as a indoor playground are, it is a sports zone.
All types of sportive activities can be done on this giant trampolines: dodgeball, fitness, free dance, zumba, modern dance, kids party…


Hadek installed in Middle East, Kuwait, Riyadh, Al Khobar,Dubai… many climbing wall areas.

Now we manufacture also complete indoor trampoline parks!
No product from China but an European product certified following the strictest safety rules.
All our indoor trampolines are certified, classified M2 fireretardant.

You need more information or price offer for your trampoline parc?

Send us your request and sizes of the building wher you want to open your indoor trampoline parc.
We offer send you a price offer with 3D design, installation on site included.
A indoor trampolinepark in Kuwait, indoor trampolineparc in Jeddah, indoor trampolinepark in Dubai : our overseas installers can handle your demand at all time!

Hadek bvba Belgium manufactures trampolines since 15 years. Our indoor and outdoor trampolines are always TUV certified for all uses.
If you plan a indoor trampolinepark with giant trampolines let HADEK be your direct partner.
From design over manufacture till complete installation, we provide a perfect and correct service.

Indoor trampolinepark with giant trampolines will be very innovative in Middle East sport centres.

Be the first to install your biggest indoor trampolinepark in the Middel East!

Main court trampoline zone, tumbling zone with fom blocs or air bag landing, “wall jumping”, kids trampolines, dodgeball on trampoline, we build it for you!