Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain, opening on long side AQL301

Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain

The airmountain dessert air mountain is a unique inflatable product of Airquee inflatables. If you want to buy a different kind of inflatable, the airmountain of Airquee inflatables is that one piece that will make a difference. At Airquee inflatables we have this different inflatable for you. The airmountain Dessert Air mountain is open on the long side of the Airquee inflatable.

The airmountain dessert air mountain is a nicely designed airmountain of Airquee inflatables. An airmountain of Airquee inflatables gives the kids a lot of space to play.

Children can play on this gigantic pillow of air. They can float around the airmountain of Airquee inflatables. An airmountain is an inflatable product of Airquee inflatables, good for all ages. All the extra energy is gone, when kids jump on the airmountain of Airquee infaltables.

Fun is guaranteed on the airmountain of Airquee doubt about it!!

This airmountain of Airquee inflatables can be designed in all sizes, colours and decorations you want. We have all sorts of decorations for our airmountains.

Air mountains of Airquee inflatables will never replace the traditional bouncy castle, but they do offer a new dimension and interesting alternative if you are looking to increase your range.

As with all our inflatables this unit comes complete with the following items:

  • Relevant blower 
  • Stakes
  • Initial safety certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Minor repair kit
  • Storage bag

With every inflatable product comes a warranty of 2 years. The prizes of the inflatable products come without VAT.

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