Looking for an attraction such as a rodeobull, sweeper game, surfmachine? Don't look any further, we have it all in our product range!

Mobiele bandenslide

Airquee have learned so much over the years and inflatable games are now a very popular ‘add on’ for any commercial hirer. 
You have only to see our AMAZING version of the UNDER PRESSURE GAME where the floating balls are passed from ‘cone to cone’ to appreciate the design genius that is Airquee. 
Recently, Airquee have been approached by many customers to construct new styles of inflatable games that can be used for Team Building exercises and entertainment. 

Also the newest range : the surf machine, rodeo bull, sweeper..
The best games for your rental company: with Airquee you are sure you choose for the best partner!
Feel free to contact us if you cannot find the attraction you are looking for.

Allour attraction games are manufactured in EU and not a single part is from Chinese origin.
We only produce the best of the best for our customers.