Ball pond Ghost small AQ 415

Ball pond Ghost

This ball pond ghost is a small ball pond bouncy castle of Hadek inflatables. Spooky and fun is this ball pond ghost. Kids will love this ball pond ghost of Hadek inflatables. Hadek inflatables has many ball ponds. At Hadek inflatables we have all sorts of decorations for our ball ponds, from a ball pond ghost to a ball pond disco dome, from a ball pond forest to a ball pond Jungle...we have everything you want...and so much more!!

A ball pond ghost of Hadek inflatables gives the children all the fun they need.

The ball pond ghost of Hadek inflatables can be filled with colourful balls. This ball pond ghost of Hadek inflatables is made for kids under five years. Ball ponds are remarkably safe and extremely fun.

Our ball pond bouncy castles at Hadek inflatables are available in any size and shape you want.

Certificates and guarantees

  • Certificate EN14960
  • Certificate M2, fire retardant
  • Protectionbag for transport
  • anchors for a secure placement
  • Motor

With every inflatable product comes a warranty of 2 years. The prizes of the inflatable products come without VAT.



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