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Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain The airmountain dessert air mountain is a unique inflatable product of Airquee inflatables. If you want to buy a different

Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain, opening on long side AQL301

Mushroom airmountain This mushroom airmountain of Hadek inflatables can be designed in all sizes, colours and decorations you want. We have all sorts of

Mushroom airmountain AQ2287

Airmountain Adventure Mountain The airmountain adventure mountain is a nicely designed airmountain of Hadek inflatables. Hadek inflatables is the place to be

Airmountain Adventure Mountain AQL298

Air mountain Tower The air mountain Tower is very cool air mountain of Hadek inflatables. The air mountain has many colours and is a work of art, made by

Air mountain Tower AQ2560

Airmountain with artwork The airmountain with artwork of Hadek inflatables is a nice airmountain to buy and use at all your events. The kids will have a

Airmountain with artwork AQ2010

Airmountain Funnyparc Oostnieuwkerke AQ10xAM This airmountain was placed by Airquee - Hadek inflatables. Lots of space on this airmountain!! The air system

Airmountain Funnyparc Oostnieuwkerke AQ10xAM

Giant airmountain The giant airmountain is an inflatable of Hadek - Airquee inflatables with a high fun-factor. Kids will adore jumping and playing on this

Giant Airmountain AQ2021

Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain The airmountain Dessert Air mountain is open on the short side of the Airquee inflatable. The airmountain dessert air mountain

Airmountain Dessert Air Mountain, opening on short side AQL301

Giant air mountain Fun is guaranteed on the giant air mountain of Hadek doubt about it!! The giant air mountain of Hadek inflatables is a nice

Giant Air Mountain AQ2286

Airmountain bouncy castles or air mountains of quality!

Looking for a quality air mountain? Our air mountain bouncy castles are of high quality Airquee quality. Contact us for more information!


Air mountain for the indoor playground

Filling a large volume in your indoor playground?
Then the air mountain or air mountain is the best choice!


An air mountain or air mountain often has dimensions of 10 m x 15 m, so you immediately have a playground of no less than 150 m².
An air mountain of that area can therefore have a large number of children play at the same time.

Giant air mountain

A giant mountain of air quickly has a surface of 150 m² to 200 m².
That air mountain then has a capacity of 50-80 kids.
It is also a very safe playground and when children play on an air mountain without walls, the parents see how much they like it.

Air mountain

Luchtberg is the Dutch name, Airmountain is the English name that has been adopted with the users.
An air mountain or air mountain is a very attractive device without hazards (if the air mountain is manufactured according to EN14960).

Air mountain for the indoor playground

We have the right air mountain for the indoor playground.
A giant air mountain with a safe fall zone around provides hours of fun.
With the provided hooks the air mountain can be fixed to the ground.
Thanks to the unique system, the mountain never gets any overpressure and the additional timer on the 2nd motor is a thing of the past.
You can control how weak or how hard the air mountain is blown.

Air mountain for the rental sector

We have also designed the right type of air mountain for the rental sector.
You can purchase the air mountain with or without walls at Airquee.
Partly due to the unique system of the pressure relief valve, you will never have problems with "excess pressure" on the air mountain.
Here too, the design is well thought out: a safe inflatable surround ensures that the children can romp safely on the air mountain at all times.

In short: an Airquee air mountain or air mountain provides hours of fun for young and old.