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Jungle run The jungle run of Hadek Belgium brings the kids lots of fun and joy!! Buy a Jungle run of Hadek Belgium and you buy the best qualtiy ever. Build

Jungle Run AQ201

2 part obstacle course ocean The 2 part obstacle coure ocean!! An obstacle course ocean of Hadek - Airquee for your rental business is perfect to get that

2 part obstacle course Ocean AQ462

Obstacle course of Hadek inflatables Every Hadek inflatable at hadek inflatables is designed so that everything is safe for your children to play. Buy an

Obstacle course of Hadek inflatables AQ464

Pirate obstacle course This pirate obstacle course is one of the coolest obstacle courses of Hadek inflatables. Jump, bounce and hide on this pirate obstacle

Pirate obstacle course AQ2399

Obstacle course pirate adventure The obstacle course pirate adventure is one of the coolest obstacle courses of Airquee - Hadek inflatables. This obstacle

Obstacle course pirate adventure AQ0303

Obstacle assault course clown The obstacle assault course clown is superfun to do!! Adventure and action on this obstacle assault course clown of Airquee. The

Obstacle assault course Clown AQ462

Rainbow obstacle course This rainbow obstacle course of Hadek - Airquee is very colourful and nice obstacle course. Kids will love this for sure!! The rainbow

Rainbow obstacle course AQ2036

2 part obstacle course Every child will have a great time on this 2 part obstacle course. And there is not a cooler and more fun time than on this 2 part

2 part Obstacle course AQ462

Obstacle course Jungle swamp The obstacle course Jungle swamp of Hadek - Airquee....this is adventure at it's best!! This obstacle course Jungle swamp brings

Obstacle course Jungle Swamp AQ296

Obstacle assault course party The obstacle assault course party is perfectly made to be included in any bouncy castle range or package. The obstacle assault

Obstacle assault course Party AQ462

Obstacle assault course budget The obstacle assault course budget is a 2 part obstacle assault course!! At Airquee you find different sizes with any decoration

Obstacle assault course Budget AQ2004

Obstacle course skater The obstacle course skater is a 2 part obstacle course of Hadek - Airquee!! Lots of adventure on this Obstacle course skater of Hadek -

Obstacle course Skater AQ462