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Voodoo tunnel This is a very cool inflatable slide, the voodoo tunnel!! Isn't this amazing?! The voodoo tunnel of Hadek - Airquee!! Kids will have so much fun

Voodoo tunnel AQ2064

Inflatable slide Tropical of Airquee inflatables This inflatable slide tropical is a cool water slide of Airquee inflatables. The inflatable slide tropical of

Inflatable slide Tropical of Airquee inflatables AQ1916

Dolphin water slide At Hadek inflatables you can buy your dolphin water slide in any colour you want. Check out our website at Hadek inflatables and find the

Dolphin water slide AQ2065

Pool inflatable Super climb This is a very cool and nice challenge!! The pool inflatable Super climb of Airquee inflatables!! Check out our range of pool

Pool inflatable Super Climb AQ2261

Pool inflatable Woodland Wonder Fun guaranteed on this pool inflatable!! Floating, sliding and jumping on the pool inflatable woodland wonder is super! This

Pool inflatable Woodland Wonder AQ559

Hadek Pool inflatable Aqua Obstacle Float and play like nver before!! This Hadek Pool inflatable Aqua Obstacle is very fun to do!! Hadek Pool inflatable Aqua

Hadek Pool inflatable Aqua Obstacle AQ306

Hadek pool inflatable Challenge The Hadek pool inflatable Challenge!! Hadek pool inflatable Challenge!! The normal swimming turns into something real fun to do

Hadek pool inflatable Challenge 12m AQ100

Pool inflatable Spike attack The pool inflatable spike attack has a beautiful design and is very colourful!! Check out Hadek for more information of pool

Pool inflatable Spike attack AQ086

Twin Track pool inflatable Twin Track pool inflatable of Hadek - Ariquee!! The twin track pool inflatable of hadek - Airquee challenges you into nothing but

Twin Track pool inflatable small AQ562

Pool inflatable sea splash The pool inflatable sea splash of Airquee!! Let the kids dive into the world of pool inflatables of Airquee. The pool inflatable sea

Pool inflatable Sea Splash AQ373

Pool inflatable pirates treasure This pool inflatable pirates treasure of airquee is a pool inflatable that will make your kids jump and play on this pool

Pool inflatable Pirates Treasure AQ088

Pool inflatable Jazzy Jungle The Pool inflatable Jazzy Jungle of Hadek inflatables!! The normal swimming turns into something real fun to do. They love it when

Pool inflatable Jazzy Jungle AQ1923