Sealed pool inflatable Splish AQL205

Sealed pool inflatable splish

The Sealed pool inflatable splish of Airquee offers your kids the same fun time as any other pool inflatable. This Sealed pool inflatable splish is ready for use and to play with in no time. At Airquee we provide you with the best sealed pool inflatables. Check out what we have to offer!!

Splish!! This is a cool sealed pool inflatable!! The children will have lots of fun with this sealed pool inflatable splish of Airquee !! The sealed pool inflatable splish of Airquee has no continuous blower. So very easy is using this sealed pool inflatable splish.

These sealed pools have no continuous blower. The sealed pool inflatable is closed with a bung.

Certificates and guarantees

  • Operating instructions
  • Storage bag, protectionbag for transport
  • anchors for a secure placement
  • Certificate M2, fire retardant

With every pool inflatable product comes a warranty of 1 year. The prizes of the inflatable products come without VAT.

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