Swimming pool for water balls 14x8m AQ2205

Swimming pool for water balls

Get your own swimming pool for your water balls. You will find the perfect swimming pool for you. This swimming pool is easy to place and use. A swimming pool for water balls. At Airquee you can buy a swimming pool for water balls. You can choose a sealed swimming pool for water balls or a swimming pool with continuous blower. You can choose different sizes for the swimming pool. Also choosing colours is an option.

Airquee manufactures different shapes and sizes of water pools, sealed pools, swimming pools and paddling pools. We manufacture both constant air versions and sealed air tight versions.

Buying a swimming pool for your water balls at Airquee is the right thing to do.

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Water ball

A water ball is an inflatable ball where anyone using it  can step in and walk over the surface of the water. Water balls are 2m diametre. Note that any water ball should always ba attached to ropes when using it.

The water ball can be used at any event, but also at your swimming pool. Airquee has different shapes and colours for the swimming pools for the water ball.

Recently, Airquee have been approached by many customers to construct new styles of inflatable games that can be used for Team Building exercises and entertainment.

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