Supplier of bouncy castles, attractions & more

Official distributor of Airquee bouncy castles

Hadek bvba is an official distributor of Airquee and also has its own trademark Hajump, its own trampoline manufacture and also the manufacture of indoor playground modules.The Airquee bouncy castles are made in Europe, which means that you can also expect European top quality. All products are checked in advance for quality and durability.

Hadek - Your company for professional bouncy castles, attractions and more!

Our company grew systematically and today we can be proud of our implemented and imminent projects in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, among others.
Full indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, outdoor parks ... all these items are part of the Hadek range.

A nice family business with tons of experience

Hadek bvba is certainly not the biggest player on the market and we never want to be. Our company has 7 employees and for the assembly we rely on external manpower.
Precisely because we keep it "small" you always have direct contact with the right person for the chosen product. What's more: we are available very often, also outside office hours.
Try to get someone on the line at a large attraction company on Sunday morning!

What does Hadek make?

We have our own manufacturing workshop for:

  • Attractions: both mobile and fixed attractions
  • Cover for different applications: tarpaulins, awnings
  • Protection for your location: pole protection, wall protection, floor protection & drop mats
  • Custom made Hajump trampolines and trampoline parks
  • Children's mills
  • Your customized attractions
  • Indoor playground equipment
  • Repair studio for bouncy castles and attractions, wherever you have bought them
  • Hadek: strong in custom work!

Do you want something personalized or something that you have not found anywhere else? Present us your challenge, we will be happy to find the perfect solution with you, and we love such projects!

Professional after-sales service (even if you didn't buy from us!)

Hadek bvba also has an after-sales service and its own repair workshop in Wevelgem.

See you soon as Hadek - Airquee - Hajump customer.
Managers: Ben Dekeirel & Haeck Sonja