Jump and slide Jungle AQ1984

Jump and slide Jungle

Jump and slide Jungle!! What a nice jump and slide of Hadek inflatables. The mighty jungle!! Jump as a monkey ont this jump and slide Jungle of Hadek inflatables!! This jump and slide Jungle of hadek inflatables makes them feel right at home. This jump and slide of Hadek makes the kids feel right at home.

The decoration of the jump and slide Jungle takes you back to the wild forest!! The colours of this jump and slide Jungle is mostly green.

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On this jump and slide of Hadek inflatables they are free to jump and slide all they want.

When buying a jump and slide at  Hadek inflatables, you have to make sure everything is safe for the children. Safety is very important. At Hadek inflatables this is our first priority.

At Hadek inflatables we take care of our customers. We can assure anybody who buys Inflatables with slides at Hadek inflatables, that our inflatable products are tested according to all safety standards.

Certificates and guarantees

  • Certificate EN14960
  • Certificate M2, fire retardant
  • Protectionbag for transport
  • anchors for a secure placement
  • Motor

With every inflatable product comes a warranty of 2 years. The prizes of the inflatable products come without VAT.

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