Disco Dome Medium

Airquee's latest exciting and entertaining products are our fabulous disco domes!
These inflatable portable bouncy discos amaze and astound anyone and everyone who sees them, available in different designs or your own custom design.  
The dancing disco dome is a really eye catching product, Airquee has refined this fantastic bubble effect skin which brings a new dimension to any inflatable. 

These days the Dancing Disco Dome comes in a variety of colours and styles, and as always we can custom build your units to any requirement.
However, the two types we now call standard are the brightly coloured roof version, with a rainbow of tones, with the dancing people around the circumference of the base or the shooting stars version which is simply amazing. It is normally in a solid colour, such as black with shooting stars falling from the top of the roof down towards the ground.  

Once inside it is an experience unlike any other inflatable ever manufactured.
The lights discharge bright beams of colour, spinning around the inside of the dome which get reflected from the bubble walls.
The music can be as loud or as quiet as your determine, but when it is cranked up to the max and the lights are following the beat of the music it is a great place to be while bouncing around, getting exercise and having fun with friends all at the same time. 


Serial number: 
2 650,00 VAT excl.