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Softplay for the indoor playground, daycare centers, schools ....

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Softplay blocs are super safe for small and large children. Do you want to furnish a snoezel corner of your choice? Then you have come to the right place at

Softplay blocks

Are you looking for a soft play wall with a specific theme? Hadek makes it tailor-made for you and at your choice. Then don't hesitate to contact us. We can

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Softplay for the indoor playground, daycare centers, schools ....

Softplay: a wide choice of theme softplay and customization, everything is possible at Hadek.
Contact us to get a soft play price according to the available space.

Soft play corners

The possibilities with softplay products are almost endless.
We have numerous play corners in the standard range, available in various theme versions.
Softplay circus, softplay jungle, softplay farm, softplay animals, softplay toys ...

The composition of softplay: solid mousse cut to shape, PVC tarpaulin and whether or not finished with a theme decoration.

Softplay items

Soft play articles are indispensable in the playground, daycare centers, school ...
There are, however, many different softplay manufacturers and some do not take it very close when it comes to manufacturing and especially the decoration!

What should you look out for when buying softplay items?

Nowadays you can find softplay articles everywhere.
They usually resemble each other very much and therefore there is no difference you would think ...>
Nothing is less true !
The law prescribes that the paints or prints on children's toys must always be done with water-based paint / ink and the varnish layer must be water-bearing.
Many softplay figures that you find on the market, however, are printed and have a hand-painted with solvent-based screen printing.
That is extremely toxic for the children!
Especially cheap softplay from China can be dangerous, especially if the paint comes off the PVC sail!

The assembly and finishing of soft play figures must also be perfect!
No sharp protruding parts and no small loose extra parts such as an ear of a rabbit, an eye of a frog ... Everything must be very tightly attached to the softplay figure.
Closing the PVC form after the mousse has been placed must also be carefully monitored!
The children may not be able to remove the mousse from the molds, if they can do this it is a great danger if they remove pieces of mousse from the mold!

Our softplay items are always printed with water-based paint!
At Airquee there is simply no solvent-based paint available, the digital printers all run on water-bearing paint, the paint line for varnishing the prints also only works with water-bearing varnish.

Is a print on softplay durable?

Yes, a print on softplay is durable.
Partly due to the final layer = varnish, the drawing is additionally protected and the soft play form is therefore resistant to intensive use!

Have custom made softplay

Do you want to make your own soft play corner?
Even with your own decoration, own house style and own developed figures, we can finish the softplayset to perfection at Airquee.

We have soft play corners in all styles and sizes.
We developed softplay for the little ones, but also softplay for handicapped children / adults together with Airquee.
We have developed this softplay with very specific requirements in consultation with the caregivers who work for these people on a daily basis.
They see where the needs are and can perfectly indicate what is important when developing this kind of specific soft play items.

Take a look at our full range of softplay.
You cannot find something in our super wide range?
Feel free to contact us, if you cannot find it between all softplay items, then we can certainly make it for you!

Softplay from Hadek and Airquee: if it really has to go to quality!


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