Buy a second hand inflatable bouncy castle

A few tips before buying a 2nd hand inflatable product

There are some things to pay attention to when buying a 2nd hand inflatable product.

  • Always ask the age of the inflatable product. At Airquee we can see what age of use an inflatable product has, even by taking a look at some pictures.
  • Look at the engine en listen to the sound of the motor of the 2nd hand inflatable product.
  • Make sure the stitching zones are still intact.
  • If there are obstacles at the inflatable product, always look twice if the quality is still good.
  • Ask for a proof of purchase to the owner. That way you can see what the actual price of purchase was at the time the owner bought the inflatable product. In the meantime it’s a way to find out if the owner is really holding the ownership of this 2nd hand inflatable product.
  • Test the inflatable product completely
  • If there are repairs to do, take pictures and send them to us. We will help you in finding the exact price for your 2nd hand inflatable product.
  • And last but not least, be careful in buying an inflatable product of Asia. They might be cheaper in price, but you can buy yourself a lot of problems to deal with. Think twice !!

Important!! Ask your EN14960 certificate of the 2nd hand inflatable product

 Every 2nd hand inflatable product must be checked and double checked. And if repairs are needed, then of course this should happen correctly.
When we offer you a 2nd hand inflatable product, you will definitely know what exactly has been repaired en we will show you what places of the 2nd hand inflatable product show some aged signs.
It’s normal, when you buy a 2nd hand inflatable product, that there will be some things different than that of a new inflatable product.
But we can help you finding the right 2nd hand inflatable product for you!! We don’t sell inflatable products we don’t believe in. At Airquee we only sell quality.

Ask for our list of prices in 2nd hand inflatable products. We are ready to help you and give our good advice!! Make sure you see what you buy!! A picture don’t show you the defects of the inflatable product.